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Autocomplete control

I am really missing the autocomplete control. A cohntrol where the user can start entering data and it will then make suggestions based on a datasource, the user should not be forced to use any of the suggestions.

We have the drop down control and we have the textbox control. But the Autocomplete control can make it really easy for mobile users to enter data.


I really hope you will add this Smiley Very Happy


Status: Completed

We are recommending the combo control for this scenario. Please review documentation on the combo control here:


Thank you for your patience, and continued feedback,



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@gatsbe you can acheive this faily easy, check out this thread:  Combo Box Text Entry

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The combo box works well however when you exceed 500 items then it breaks.

Helper III

Is there anyway i can create an autocomplete control for external API, like when I type, it it drop down the list of my search available in the external API ?