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***BUG*** Can't use a view of a table that contains image fields in the Gallery control

If you specify a view of the table that contains the image fields in the Items property of the Gallery control, the error "Distinct is not allowed when image attributes are selected." will occur.

I suspect this error is a bug. But I was told that there are no plans to fix it, so I will register with Ideas.

Status: New
Helper II

Am also facing the same issue. I think its a bug.

I tried recreating the gallery from the scratch and still facing the error

Super User

I built a screen in Dataverse for Teams for an app that initially worked just fine. Only when I later returned to edit the app, this error message was thrown. Sounds like a bug to me, since it doesn't consistently appear.

Clearly a limitation that should be fixed, though, since the default app maker experience for anyone wanting to use Dataverse table views for filtering records in the default gallery layout will run into the error message.