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Canvas app not Full Screen on iPhone X and up

In November last year all the Apps which I had made and used to run on the iOS PowerApp on my iPhone X and up, used to cover the Full Screen including the sides of the Notch (which are in all iPhone X  and up) .... The current version of the iOS PowerApp Version: 3.20052.16 no longer displays my apps in full screen mode and the sides of the Notch are black.


I am in the process of converting my PowerAppss to be Responsive and now getting Black Bars at the bottom and top of the App and the App no longer fills the sides of the Notches.


Please have better support for iPhone X and up which have the notorious Notches, the apps look incomplete with the Black Bars on the Bottom and Top, please see my image below.


And yes the Lock Ratio is Off and Sale to Fit is off in setting, as i am making this app responsive to work on Desktop, iPads and iPhone X and up



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This is the comment i have received from MS


"Sorry it took us awhile to respond. The current behavior where we do not fill-in the notched area for responsive layout has been done on purpose. The reason is that there are many issues associated with having the app covering the full screen that still needs to be worked out.


We are aware of this issue, and we are looking at providing a more optimal experience with designing apps for notched screens. It is one of the feature we have seen requested on our Ideas forum.


Thank you for your valuable feedback, we will certainly take this into consideration in our planning."



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Is there any update on this problem form MS

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Any updates to this?


- Scale to fit off, lock aspect ratio off.

- Still have black bars top and bottom (although thinner than before).


If MS really don't want us to use the full screen due to 'issues', would it be possible to allow us to set the color of the top & bottom bars so I can at least mask them.

Helper I

Not ideal that this has been over a year with no no update, solution or workaround. Things like this really slow major adoption. 

We really need Microsoft to come to the party here. 

Helper II

Agree - this needs attention.  It's very hard to push PowerApps as a solution when the apps display so terribly on our mobile devices. 


iPhone 12 here, and 1/3 of my screen is wasted to black bars above and below my app, which distorts fields when lock aspect ratio is turned off.

Helper IV

It's looking now a bit 1999 if can't get that notch filled, hope the team is working on this and updates soon.


Looking forward!

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Even if there are issues for MS to allow canvas apps to completely fill the screen, please allow us to customize the color of the top/bottom bars so we can at least make it appear like the app is full screen.

In 2.5 years there has been zero progress or update on this.