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Capturing Requirements with Canvas Apps in Design - Optionally link requirement to Azure Dev Ops Items

I use PowerApps to quickly prototype solutions. Boom, there said it.

During RAD MS Teams call sessions I will mock up a working prototype application. During this time I capture Requirements, Stories, etc. in Label fields on the screens. 


I would like a new Product Feature of PowerApps Canvas Design to Capture functional Requirements - and optionally link or create a New PBI or Item in Azure Dev Ops.


Requirements Capture (In Canvas Design)

New in PowerApps is the ability to Capture Business and Technical Requirements. PowerApps can be used as a Rapid Application Development environment or Prototyping Tool that quickly enables citizen developers to capture requirements right on screen.

This enables user design sessions both a visualization of what can be done and requirements document simultaneously. 


  • Optionally - Configure your PowerApp to link to a specified project in Azure Dev Ops. (Configuration found on File Settings Blade in PowerApps.
    • Once linked to ADO Project - Create Features, Stories, Tasks (or other Items) from within your requirement on the PowerApps Screen
  • Designers can quickly create Rich Annotations and Text that are automatically numbered and visible on screen during design.
  • Requirements are always hidden during Run time
  • Requirements can be (toggled) hidden or shown during design with checkmark in the new Tab called requirements. 
  • You can Pin a Requirement on Screen in Design or hide it however the Requirement will always be visible in the list of Requirements in new Requirements Tab next to [Screens Components Requirements] bold item is new in this release
    • A complete list of All requirements Grouped by Screen in tree view appear within the Requirements new tab
  • You can optionally download the requirements as a CSV file or XLSX file.
Status: New