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Compress and scale images

I'd like to be able to compress / resize JPEG images being uploaded from the camera or gallery. Having to upload 4MB pictrue captured from the phone camera is frustrating for the field agents with limited (slow) network coverage. Being able to downscale and change the JPEG quality to 50% *before* pushing it to the server will help a lot improving the speed.

Status: Completed
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I can second this. In November 2017 we used PowerApps to conduct field audits at 100 airports in North, Central and South America. Some of these airports have no wifi access and have poor cell coverage. Where the airports had good coverage, they praised the app. Where this was not the case, they hated using it because it meant they had to shoot photos and then wait for a wifi connection in the office to attach these to records (up to 500 records in some locations).

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I third. I'm saving pictures and don't necessarily need full resolution. Right now it's just very slow due to size

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @FilipK to comment on feasibility for our long term roadmap.

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Agree. This would be a great feature, especially if you can set it on attachements prior to uploading.

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This would be a great feature because the Microsoft Cognitive Services API will not accept an image from most smartphones. I just tried the OCR Flow with my iPhone and it failed for this reason. 



Input requirements:

  • Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.
  • Image file size must be less than 4MB.
  • Image dimensions must be between 40 x 40 and 3200 x 3200 pixels, and the image cannot be larger than 10 megapixels.
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Status changed to: Planned
Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned
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When it will be come? We need this

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Planned from one year? Soon or Blizzard "Soon"

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Hi @Pershingo This feature was planned in Nov and our team has been working on it since. I am very pleased to inform you that this is now completed and we have started rolling it out for both iOS and android. Expect an annoucement around it soon. Also, please provide feedback. Appreciate the patience.