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Copy to Clipboard

It would be nice if I can add a command to a button via which i can choose a predefined field value (in a screen) and copy its content to Clipboard. In PowerApps for mobile, this becomes a must.

Status: Escalated

Thanks everyone for the feedback.  We'll take a deeper look.


You all are correct, technically this isn't hard especially for text.  However, the security implications are very interesting and will require a thorough review.  And then, as usual, it needs to be prioritized and funded.

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Thanks for supporting this idea.

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Nearly every user of my app asks about this functionality, and then some refuse to use the tool because they can't copy or paste out of it.

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I am currently working on an app in which the user needs to manually select and copy a long string. This function would make my app more userfriendly.

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Yes Please!!!

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Advocate I

Really need this. I would like to have a button and let the user copy the text and share on whatsapp.

If you log into Azure portal, there are a lot of buttons for us to copy the entire text. Since Microsoft already know this is convenient for the users, why not also provide us this feature for us to provide to our users.

Power Apps
Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

Flagging @GregLi on this idea for review

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Yes please! include this feature. 

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Hi Team, 


We would like to know when this 'copy to clipboard' feature might be implemented and available for users to use in their powerapps applicaitons. This functionality is very important in our applicaiton development. This feature will incerease the usability of our application to a great extent. 



Tarun Kumar.G

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This is big for us, I actually assumed it was already there and got here trying to figrue out how.  We always have to enter a work order into another (3rd party) app...this would allow it to be copied over with 1 click while they're looking at the project info.

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It could be done if you could route this to a command line.


echo on &label.text& | clip


Probably cant do that either.