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Create App from Excel file stored on SharePoint

I think there should be functionality to build App from the excel file stored in Sharepoint? I know its possible to make App directly from Sharepoint-List but to make same from excel file stored in Share Point will be more beneficial because excel is used more as compared to Sharepoint - List

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac and @KeremY

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Any news on this? Quite frustrating that we have to keep the file on OneDrive.  

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This question was asked at Microsoft Build (May 2020).

The reply from a Microsoft Moderator was: "Detaching SharePoint lists (of tabular data) from SharePoint storage of Excel files is a bit tricky in our current setup, but this is indeed on our radar. I will say that far more production applications today are built over SharePoint, SQL, or Common Data Service than Excel."

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Please add my vote for enabling the connection PowerApps and Excel tables stored in a Teams channel (SharePoint).


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Je partage aussi cette demande.

Excel est utilisé en entreprise plus facilement que SQL ou autres. Le connecteur est donc indispensable pour des solutions d'entreprise.

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@CWesener @emmac and @KeremY Any update on this idea please. This seems to be important as creating lists in SharePoint doesn't seems to be worth working on. OR shall I consider Microsoft is considering TEAM LISTS as an alternative to it ?
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This idea was posted 07-30-2018  

It is now 11/08/2020

How long are things left under review?


This would make both excel and power apps more useful to non technical users i.e. MOST PEOPLE 





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Please add 

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It seems now Microsoft is going to use LISTS as a replacement to using EXCEL for PowerApps. I found LISTS is nothing but SharePoint Lists with image makeover. Still we don't have anything for Files stored in SharePoint where LISTs will not work.

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There's a similar thread about connecting to an excel file in sharepoint library which has a status of PLANNED.  However, the status was put to PLANNED in 2017!?!


@CWesener - can we please have a clear status on this topic?  It's quite difficult to manage complex list information in a sharepoint list and sooo much easier to do in Excel, yet we continue to stumble when it comes to having the ability to connect to, or build an app using, the excel data from a sharepoint library.  

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 @emmac and @KeremY and @CWesener  - What's the status? Are any of you still working with the company even? Why did PowerApps get left out in the cold of connectivity to Excel in a SharePoint Library? What did it do to be treated so horribly and dangled to us as a carrot of solution? How many votes does it take to move this needle? how rusty are the screws that the needle would move at all? Not asking for a friend but for my self.