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Dataflow | Manual cancel of Dataflow in progress

Hi lovely community,


especially when building dataflows, theres always the case to cancel them (e.g. if you know that a dataflow will probably take more than 2 hours).

Of course I know to preparing Dataflows via Power Query in Power Bi or Excel, but of course I wanna see the result of my query in Dataflow especially for some mystery error messages in Excel refresh protocol...:)


It would be great to be able to intervene here as a user in order to be able to cancel the dataflow.




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I updated dataflow definition, but dataflow auto-starts after you publish your changes.

So my dataflow started importing 1,5 Mio. records to Dataverse.

A cancel functionality would have mitigated the impact of the poorly designed "auto start"

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Major issue for my environment.  I currently have a dataflow that has been "stuck" in progress for over 60 hours.  This dataflow refreshes every 5 minutes, not a large amount of data.  It is tied to a few automation workflows that are triggered by new or updated records in this dataflow so the automations are subsequently failing.  We have multiple DBAs accessing the queries and dataflows throughout the day.  It's imperative that a manually cancellation is in place in case user error occurs, which is what happened in our case.




I have a support ticket in, and hopefully they can respond soon.

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Same as supertdrew (TY). Also have a job "stuck" in progress and need to otherwise abort it. Been going for 4 days now (should only take under 2hrs to run) and I cannot stop it. Have also raise a support ticket (in progress)


Update: There was no way to do this at my end. Support had to kill the job from their in order to resolve. Ticket was the only way and the functionality to abort the job is needed.  

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I habe the Same Problem….
Has Antonie a Solution?

thank you


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The fact a dataflow when published will run automatically is troublesome. Compounded by the inability to cancel a running dataflow this makes Data Flows a dangerous tool. Enjoy your hours or days of clean up potentially if you happen to publish the wrong setting. Once its running there is no stopping it.