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Delete CDS (in default environment)

I need the possibility to delete my CDS in my default environment. 
It was created 2 years ago as we were totally new in all the power platform stuff when Microsoft advised us to create a CDS. 

Today, many MVPs recommend not to use a CDS in the default environment and I totally agree with that. 

All users are added as Environment Maker and I don’t want them to create Solutions Or use CDS functions - especially because 99% of the users will not have a premium license. 


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Yes. This would be very useful. @max81 thanks for raising this idea.

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Definitely needed. 

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Very much needed!

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Definitely needed.


Everyone starts with a default environment, learns how NOT to use it, and then gets stuck with the legacy of everything they did wrong.


The need to reset the default environment back to initial state, and optionally delete the Dataverse instance, would seem an obvious requirement.

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I concur. We try to setup a clean environment (create environments per department/appgroups), but one mis-click would have you end up with a Dataverse database that you don't want in the Default evironment.