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Drag and Drop of documents in PowerApps

Within PowerApps there is one control ( attachements in forms) thsat acceptsthe drag and drop of documents.  This means that when you want to deliver  drag and drop fucntionality in a PowerApp you would have to create a temporary list and a form that only displays the attachment field. Then trigger a flow on this attachment's list item.  This is not a great UX. 

Also the attachment control doesn't give you much flexibility as to the look and feel of the control. 


Can we have a drag and drop control added to PowerApps?

Status: New
New Member

Hello, I am with you. Better could be that there is a paste in Option. E.g. you took a screenshot with the snipping tool or greenshot or some other tool. And then you go into your powerapp an put it via STRG+V or a button for paste the screenshot / Attachment into the app.

BR Tobias

New Member

Yes please, add drag and drop. My end users are in a busy environment and don't have time to save and upload attachments when they want to report issues. I'd like to create an issue reporting process that allows copy and paste functionality or drag and drop.

Advocate II

Hi all, although there is a workaround by allowing drag and drop of files using list attachment control, there is nothing to allow drag and drop of folders.


It is a must in current time when things are becoming more and more easy for user experience.