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Drag and drop functionality to reorder controls and to move screens up/down

Currently, if we need to reorder controls (bring forward/send backward), we have to do it one step at a time. Bring to front and Send to back are fine if we want to reorder the control as the first or the last respectively. Similar, if a screen needs to be moved up or down, we have to do it one step at a time. 


In the attached GIF, if I have to reorder Label74 below IconRefresh22 and move Screen74 to be above Screen71, doing it one step at a time can be very time consuming: 




It would be great if we could replicate the functionality of reordering fields within a form (shown below) to reorder controls and to move screens:




Adding this functionality will save a lot of time for anyone who has to reorder controls and move screens within Power Apps. Isn't that everyone??? 🙂



Hardit Bhatia

Status: New
Regular Visitor

New to powerapps and just wanted to say this would be an amazing feature to implement.

Advocate I

Yes! Jeez this is both annoying and incredibly time-consuming. Especially when you have grouped items. I cannot wait for the day that this feature is added. Or make it a property that we can change in the function bar. SOMETHING other than the current method will be a game changer. 


Thank you for posting this. 

Frequent Visitor

If there were a vote for this, I believe I'd take an advance out on all my future votes and place them here. Drag+Drop screens and components within the tree view would save me an incredible amount of time. Perhaps just having the three dot screen open until one is finished moving a component/screen would be immensely useful.