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Enable CSS in Canvas Apps

I often read about that in different tutorials and I think the demand is there.

The possibilities with real CSS in canvas apps would be really great:


  • Just one CSS file needed to get a standard look for all apps.
  • Way better look and feel
  • Standard designs included are not really that good and most people have to follow a corporate identity.
  • Decrease time for designing the front-end which takes more time than it should.
  • Increased acceptance of Power Apps due to better UI/UX possibilities
  • Fun - well, I love to create nice looking apps. And my colleagues love to use them. It's just a pain to do so in the current state.

I know it's already possible to place some base inline CSS in HTML Texts but that feels like CSS from the very beginning. Even worse.
But it shows that it should be possible.

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Totally agree

I will well imagine design panels : 

- App panel in order to define default control properties - when you add a control, properties are predefine by the css.

- a 'css class" on control properties + possibility to define properties of a class.