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Error handling inside PowerApps (Try-Catch)

My idea come with error message that is being thrown when trying to get manager of user via Office365 Users connector. More details here -


As this is expected error that will be delivered by this connector it will be nice to have some option inside PowerApps to catch it and instead of displaying this for user of PA as "nothing to say" message, to diplay something like no manager found and this can lead to some other actions ...


Status: Under Review

Sorry, I meant to add this as under review. It has been on our radar to improve this experience. Adding @SameerCh to comment on roadmap.


Thank you for your patience,


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Same here,


using an ODATA Webservice (Dynamics NAV) as a data source. When there is an error on the server side, i cannot show any helpful message to the user.

Biggest problem: Lookup() doesnt throw errors at all which i can access via Errors(). Patch() together with Errors() only gives me the generic "The requested operation is invalid.". What i need is the underlaying Error 400, which tells me exactly what was the problem. I can see this full error when testing the app in preview.


@Juser007 : Formula-level error management doesnt resolve this issue.