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Find and Replace Code in PowerApps

A feature to find and replace code in PowerApps would be very useful. This is a feature that I have seen in every IDE that I have worked with. This way, when code corrupts, "_1" at the end of form values, a simple find and replace would solve the problem. No more painstakingly clicking on every data field, navigating to the correct Propery, and replacing what needs to be replaced manually.

Status: Started

We're working on this - we agree that this is much needed functionality! 

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@Ms please can we have an update on when this feature will be available.


To be honest, releasing any development tool without a find & replace is borderline negligent. It's like a restaurant serving a meal with no cutlery. Technically they have done their job and served you a meal, but is that acceptable behaviour for a professional organisation?

Power Apps

Thank you all for your feedback on this capability, sharing how important it is and the ways you'd like to use it! We have released Find and Replace capabilities for the formula bar - you can learn more here: Use Find and Replace in the Formula Bar. We've left this in a "Started" state as there's more work we're doing in this space.

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THANK YOU!!! This has already come in useful!  A bit clunky, but already a huge step up!

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Seriously? It takes 4 years for Microsoft to still not deliver on a basic code editing feature request. The current Find and Replace in the formula bar is a joke. You need something that finds and replaces (replaces All) formulas across different controls on the same or different screens. That is not too much to ask.


When developers and analysts are having to fight the platform for simple/implicit things like this, it does not help a technology leader trying to evangelize a low-code strategy within any organization.

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This is business as usual for Microsoft...I started with Sharepoint 2001 and can't begin to tell you what all had to be fixed before the Online version was released.   My guess is to wait for a third party to come up with a as usual.