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Form Roles For Conditional Logic


Often you want a form to morph it's presentation based on who is using the form.  (i.e. I am a manager so I need to see the approve button, but for everyone else it should be invisible)  To achieve this you need to be able to compare the current user against a role/group membership.  Would be good if PowerApps had some concept of roles (ala Infopath) that could be used for this conditional logic.


Alternatively if there was some known pattern published that showed how you could achieve the same result it would be a valuable edition to the documentation & tutorials.

Status: Planned
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I have created an app that uses a table (in SQL Azure, but it could be in excel) where users can have 1 (or more) of 3 roles - employee, supervisor, admin. I use that role to determine what menu items/buttons they can see on different screens.

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We could fudge this functionality by connecting to a list in sharepoint. We could ACL each item in the list based on the roles you are trying to create.. Employee, Supervisor and Admin. We could then do a operation to see if the user can see the Supervisor or Admin item in the data source. If they can then we can assume they have that role and show or hide gui elements based on this.


It would be handy if we could cache the datasource offline so while in the ffield I still see the extra roles that I could see while i was online..


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Status changed to: Under Review
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Status changed to: Planned
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Implementation of this feature was completed? Any related article available for this?