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Full O365 Users properties

It would be useful if the Office 365 User connection would return all properties of the AAD object, not only a subset. Why not include City and Country/Region for example which are useful to set presets by location instead of creating a custom Azure function for that.

Status: Under Review
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I agree.  We would like to add the ability to see the profile images of employees along with location and extended AD information.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
Power Automate

@GregLi Community Members have also expressed interest in "Revelant Documents" and/or "Trending Documents" similar to .RelevantPeople properties.

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I really need Employee ID from AAD available through the O365 user connector as the unique staff number in many organisations it would really help connect data from other systems (e.g. HR).

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Under Review since nearly 3 Years?