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Get Device Info in PowerApps

Just like the User function, there should be a Device function where you can pull the type of device and maybe some manufacture info, serial, something.

Status: Under Review

@GregLi Taking another look at this.

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Super important feature for debugging.  Need to know which devices are having issues.

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Something as basic as the computer name would be helpful for a help desk ticketing system.

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Waiting for this function

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@jgohl for me get a GUID for every device its enough too, so I can interact with an specific device. I implemented this on the OnStart property and works for me:

LoadData(DeviceID, "DeviceID", true);
If(IsEmpty(DeviceID), ClearCollect(DeviceID,{ID: GUID()}));
SaveData(DeviceID, "DeviceID") 


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Considering some functionality is only officially supported by mobile devices (SaveData/LoadData) and the app will actually throw errors on a desktop you would think this Idea would be atleast planned after 5 years of being "Under Review".

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If you have the "formula-level error management" setting on, you can use this code to check if the current device will support the SavaData/LoadData/ClearData functions:

//is the current device capable of using the save and load data functions
Set(_offlineCompatible, true);
        Collect(CompatibilityTestCollect, {field1: 1, field2: "a"}), 
    Set(_offlineCompatible, false)

 Although now there's a setting called "Enable SavaData, LoadData, ClearData on web player" which allows you to use those functions on the web. Notable that the information will not be encrypted in this case.