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Get app metadata from within the app

We need the ability to get various metadata about the app using formula.  For example it woud be great to display the version number and relelase date of the app rather than manually adding them in a text field.


Status: Planned
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PUSH for getappversion()
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Metadata to be displayed via Formula is crucial. It's very frequent issue that after Publishing (in studio), the application is NOT published for users - you need to wait few minutes. Metadata like App version would be perfect to understand what version we are actually seeing.

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Changed to "Under Review" after ... 1 year... They taken into account the ideas very quickly.... Smiley Wink

Advocate II

PUSH for metadata. Id would like to have it take the last published version as the revision level, such as 1.2.12. 12 being the last published version of the app. 

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I totally agree! I would love to have it!

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Should be nice to get the live version and the running version

When deleting previous versions the version numers are changed, so we need the historic version number

You also need to start the app twice for downloading the latest version

Resolver I

+1 this is something we definitely need, when making multiple changes and publishing is necessary to know what version of the app I am on visually.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Can't believe this doesn't exist yet.  Absolutely essential.

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Need this.