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How to view complete line in a dropdown list of Powerapps.


In dropdown list, sometimes length of a option is too long to view in a mobile screen, also I couldn't find the scrolling option. Screenshot is attached. Can something be done about it like adding a scrolling option or any other.



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Agree that this would be useful, perhaps to make things like the Data Table control optionally allow multiple lines (other objects this could be useful for as well).  

Note that I've worked around this using the Tool Tip functionality....  Ie: in cases where I know that it is likely that the text could be larger than the area to display it in, I simply add that value to the Tool Tip as well (sometimes prefixed with additional information).  

This works quite well in most cases, but not really on a tablet or mobile device without a mouse (unless there is a way for a user to view Tool Tips on these devices that I'm not aware of or that has recently been added).


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Hi @bhrigu12 @Anonymous Is there any new about this problem ? I have a combox with long text. If not, how can I add this values as Tool Tip ?