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INTEGRATE Flow Approval Buttons Approve/Reject inside PowerApps forms and canvas apps

Hi Guys,


I am looking for getting approval action buttons (Approve/Reject) to integrate into PowerApps if the PowerApps is integrated with MS Flows so the user can go to the form or app and approve it from there.


Current Scenario: User need to approve/reject from the email received from approvals connector, he/she needs to click on a link to see the item or the document which he/she needs to approve and then approve from the emails only which can create a confusion also if your mailbox is full of approval emails


I request Powerapps team to take this idea forward on the MS Flows and Powerapps roadmap.



Neeraj Bansal

Status: New
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I like the idea and don't know how the email itself would then change status if you completed our in the form, or how you would leave comments. 

You may not realize there is a way to follow up on flows without going to email.  Go to flow (part of office) and in the left menu there is a section top work on your open actions.  There is also the flow app. 


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There is a section in called <Action Items> with an item called <Approvals>.

It would of great value to customize what happens after click on the link to open one approval (request). Instead of opening standard approval screen there might be possibility to open a customized, PowerApps screen, which would be allowed to get the same data as standard screen (link to document, Approve/Reject/Reassign, Comment, etc).
Navigation options like go to next/previous approval would be very useful.

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Approvals are my worst enemy in SharePoint and now Flow.  Everyone want an approval but Microsoft makes it look so complicated.  Currently if you use an approval in Flow, the email response is great.


BUT if the person deletes the email, they have to go to the PowerAutomate protal, click Actions, Click Approvals and then find the one they are needing to approval because those task names better be well titled.  If they want to see what they are approving or want to make changes, they need to use a link to a seperate page.  Terrible training effort.


If I add buttons on the PowerApp screen, that can interact with the approval.  Much better.

If I can use PowerApp or Flow to "Resend", "Reassign", "Cancel", or "Respond" to that approval, even better.

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Why does this have to be so hard for microsoft, where all tom **bleep** and harry of workflow world has this feature to call workflow action via button. Why cant we do that in App using powerapp button instead going and searching for the approval email. This is a must to have feature microsoft!!!

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This is old request, but still not developed yet ?

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Here is the only thing I've found that seems close.  It's a custom action for Flow to access approval actions.

GitHub - Laskewitz/Approvals


The approval system needs some love and retooling.  Flows expire before approvals are completed. You can't trigger a flow via approval once responded.  You can't reference approvals from Power Apps unless you go through CDS and premiere actions. You can't start, respond, or update approvals from Power Apps .