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Improve release notes



I'm requesting an improvement on your release notes for PowerApps.  Several times now I've logged into one of my PowerApps to find several errors which weren't there the last time I logged into it.  The only explanation I can think of is something changed on the PowerApps base code.

Next step usually would be to view the release notes, see what's changed so I can get an idea on where to start fixing all the errors.

Currently I'm on version 3.20101.20.  I last published the app, error free, whilst on version 3.20092.39

Looking at your release notes list, the latest version release notes are available for is 3.20054, several version behind even my old save never mind covering the changes in-between my old and new.

So now with absolutely no release notes to help me find out exactly what you changed, I now have a painstaking trial and error process ahead of me.  I wish I could at least say this is the first time this has happened.


Please, if you're gonna break stuff tell us what you're breaking!

Status: New