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Improved 2D barcode scanner for Windows PC

Currently available barcode scanners cannot be run on Windows tablets or laptops.


To scan 2D barcodes with a laptop PC camera or a camera connected via USB, it is desirable to be able to scan on a Windows PC.


The web browser accessible camera feature is also getting better, so it's probably the time to support barcode scanning in a web browser.


If web browser support is absolutely difficult, support for the PowerApps app on Windows Store alone is also fine.


The old web barcode scanner, supported as experimental features, cannot read 2D codes (e.g. QR-Code).
Because of this, this does not meet my hope.

Status: New
New Member

We built the barcode scanner within Power Apps to address a business need only to find out its only available in iOS or Android platforms and not from a web browser. 

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This is absolutely a must have, at least for Windows 10 Power Apps application.

New Member

same issue.. wanted to start with powerapps quick and easy with windows 10 tablets, no chance without barcode scanning option (web barcode scanner not working at all). Its our first requirement to scan a Datamatrix. Here the ux magic would happen.