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In PA Studio, select a custom theme from a custom themes.json file

More and more Power Apps makers edit the theme.json file to customize their application's theme. Since the theme.json file allows multiples themes, it would be nice if, through the existing theme button in the Power Apps Studio, we could select one of the custom themes available in the application's theme.json file like this:


I know that the Power Apps team is working on a theming system inside the Power Apps Studio ( but in the meantime this would be really helpfull (and maybe it's easily feasible).

I, myself, am building a Power Apps application to allow the generation of a custom theme.json file and it would be the perfect add-on to allow people to select custom themes.

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Hi @Anonymous,

Thanks for pointing this out... Well, as I said in my original post, the Power Apps team is currently building a theme editor which should be available around June. So the idea I posted here was just a temporary "workaround".

Nevertheless, I'm sur your post will give some nice ideas to the PA team... 😊