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Link business units to AAD security groups

We can already drive most security configuration from outside of Dataverse in Azure Active Directory (AAD) through group teams, but we can't assign a business unit to a user without a manual intervention on the environment.


Workarounds exist, but they involve implementing custom logic.


Business unit assignment to users is a crucial piece of Dataverse security modeling, as the records created by a user are by default owned by the user's business unit. Also, as all users are created in the root business unit, this means that without any configuration, all records are by default owned by the root business unit.

Ask is to support user business unit assignment from Azure AD security groups.

Status: New
Super User

I 100% agree Henry, this would be a fantastic feature.

Regular Visitor

Yes, it will remove the extra step from the Service Desk to create a user and have to go into D365 to move to the right security role.

Resolver I

This is essential, currently we are required to manually reassign each user to the correct BU. Without this manual reassignment our security model is void. 


FYI @Paulliew