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Make CDS a non premium connector if E3 or above

The CDS is aimed to be "Common" but making it a premium connector triggers the need for every single user of any app to now need a powerapps license. The "powerapps for office 365" allows canvas app usage but not if premium connector.

Solution make E3 and above include "powerapps for office 365 premium" no access to just run canvas apps with CDS.

Already charging based on data size in CDS so any increase in data is captured in those costs, increase that price rather than stopping mass use of apps.

As a ISV we have several clients with 10,000 plus emplyees who all need to contribute a single piece of data on a monthly basis to the CDS. Prior to switch to make CDS a premium we had 30+ plan 2 licenses for each client ($1.2k month) now we need 10,000 "per app" licenses ($100k) month plus the 30+ "per users" ($1.2k). We have been dealing with angry CTO's as you would expect!!

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This is definitely cost prohibitive. Imagine deploying something in a large organization like a school or post secondary. Are we to license thousands of users with the ability to create their own apps just to utilize the ability to use this tool that MS has built?

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Yes, very much needed! We're so limited with PowerApps due to this that we have to look at other Non-Microsoft Solutions to fulfill our needs.   

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This is the biggest roadblock to my solution at the moment. I need sales guys to just drop in a request and then a team will manage, edit, delete etc. This team will have premium licenses but the sales guys... They're just effectively submitting an email with a request attached... There absolutely should be some ability to just drop information in and read data at a standard user level.