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Match border radius on drop down with text input fields

I would like to request that for the sake of consistency, drop down controls as well as combo box controls have the same border radius by default as other common controls, or at a minimum the ability to set a border radius on the drop down. I have shared a image to add clarity to my idea.difference in borders.png












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I was able to work around this limitation by adding a text input field to the data card and removing the border from the drop down. With a bit of formatting you can make it look as if the field has rounded corners.Capture.PNG

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Nice amby0430 👍


An even better idea would be if Microsoft actually completed this type of functionality on all controls instead of wasting people's time trying to implement yet another hack/work around due to their lack of foresight.


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I agree with @CW !!!  


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Absolutely @CW !

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How is this still not a thing?

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@Anthony_Dob simple, we expect too much. 

It's like building a house but leaving the doors off the hinges because they feel like building another house for just one person because......

Why complete a project? If we acted like that at work, we'd be canned.

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@amby0430  Hey, I followed your idea and it's working fine. Thank you so much. I removed the dropdown's border style and make it None, then set the border thickness to 0. Also, I have increased the border radius i.e. 5 or 6 on the text input control. Now it comes like below.