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Multi-scan : Multi Barcode Scanner (Scan multiple codes in once)

Is it possible to keep the scanner open until a button is pressed?


For example, I have 50 barcodes to scan. Each time I scan, it returns from the camera screen to the "Scan" button. This is extremely time consuming.


The solution would be to keep the barcode camera open until I have finished scanning all 50 codes.


For when I want to quickly and efficiently scan multiple codes in once.

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I agree with this idea.

It's very useful and save time for working.

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There is a work around. You can simply tag ;Select(ScannerButton) to the end of whatever you have the OnScan property doing it will scan the item then reload the barcode scanner for more. There is a slight half second delay but it works pretty well for us.

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In fact, OnScan = (It means success), just include the same scanner, and it will automatic repeat to the scanner.
It is the formula and i guess nothing to do with new idea.

I am using for a Minimarket where they can keep scanning ...

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So, how do you stop the scanner from its endless loop then? Can you set a timer to end after say 3 seconds?

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The Formula is just very simple
BarCodeScanner.OnScan = Collect(mydata, {data: BarcodeScanner1.Value}); Select(BarcodeScanner1).

You use Collect, to collect data from scanner, then it will continue to scanner using SELECT(BarCodeScanner1).


I am a simple person. If you wanna stop scanning....JUST Press BACK Button of your Mobile Phone. That's all.
The world is easy don't make it too complicated.

Select = refer


Enjoy and keep yourself healthy during Covid-19

PK Hong

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@PK_Hong Hi. How can we save the scanned data to excel. like there is a button to submit the scanned barcodes to excel.

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It depends if you wanna save single data or collection.


1. Single data

Just use Patch(dB, {field : data})

data is from

Updatecontext({data : BarCodeScanner.Value})


2. Group of data

So u need to use collection as of my last post. Then, list in gallery using split. 

Use ForAll(Gallery Allitems,



Please try.


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@PK_Hong it is like this? i would like to use group data scanned.


I also had made the table in excel