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Naming an attachment

I am currently using PowerApps to create pictures of a document, and save it as an attachment to a SharePoint list item.

For this matter, I use the out-of-the-box Attachments feature, which has been released just weeks ago.


When I take a picture, it is automatically naming the file with a GUID.

There is no possibility for the end user to fill in a file name. I would like this to be implemented.

2018-08-01 12_27_11-Clipboard.png

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Questions on attachments are the less answered at all! Nobody seems to be mastering this topic enough...

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First of all... 

Where can i find this the out-of-the-box Attachments feature in powerapps?


Second of all.. 
I want what @jvdlinden need.





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@jvdlinden Thanks mate!

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So many random attachments with random image names and no way to rename them to what they are.