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Office Lens functionality integration



My idea is to add Office Lens functionality to PowerApps.


It can be either lauching the app on the user's phone or adding Office Lens API to the camera on PowerApps.

This idea came from a project that I'm developing. It can be very useful if you want to scan your receipts or other useful documents that you need. If we take the idea of scanning the receipt and if we join Computer Vision API, with some ML (Machine Learning), we could get all the data from the receipt and create a new entry on Dynamics NAV, for example.


I think it's an useful integration.


Best regards,

Jorge Moreira

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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I would love this! I currently have an app using the camera to save a picture of a receipt to a Sharepoint list, but the file sizes are very inconsistent. I would like the ability to use Office Lens to save the image as a pdf in a much more condensed file so the app isn't bogged down in the upload and general use in the gallery

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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Any update on this?

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Ooo this would be so good!

As the current workaround is clunky


To user has to open OffiecLens, snap a picture of the doc, save it to their phone gallery, then go back to the PowerApps app, open/add item, then select 'from file' then navigate to their phone gallery.... It's not ideal


I'm all for OfficeLens integration, yes pls

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This can leverage scanning for PowerApps to another level!

It would be great to have an Office Lens type control for capturing images of receipts, documents, etc.  


And hopefully the control would allow higher resolution images and not be restricted to the current 640x480 resolution of the camera control.


Advocate IV

Looking for quality images for sure, but file size will be key. I'm running into issues where users don't always wait for the file to be submitted before closing the app and therefor their record isn't created. Also load times on a list will be greatly reduced and allow for a better app experience.

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This would be a great feature to include with powerapps.  We have an app that collects paperwork for field service employees -- often we get feet, steering wheels and coffee cups in our images.  It would be great to have office lens' document scanner available to focus in on just the paperwork.  It would be a difference maker for our app.


Advocate III

This would totally eliminate parts of our process, making it much simpler.  Right now our users create a record in the app, then use the Xerox copier to scan a document to a network drive as a PDF, then go back to the app and upload the PDF to the SharePoint record we created.


With MS Lens integration, we could create the record and scan the document to PDF attached to record all at once.

Helper I


 We could eliminate multiple steps from our expense tracking process by leveraging this integration