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PDF Viewer support for PDF documents in Sharepoint Libraries that require authentication

If the point of PowerApps is to promote building of "Enterprise" Apps, then surely you need to have access to Sharepoint Document libraries that only authenticated Users can access.


Currently you can only view PDFs that reside in libraries that allow anonymous access, quite pointless in an Enterprise environment. That makes this feature useless for most of us.


This one feature would really open a whole lot of possibilities in Enterprise scenarios, especially when trying to wean Users off e-mail oriented workflows.

Status: Planned
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Fully agree!  This is important.

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Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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When will this be completed?

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Definetaly need this capability!

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Also Dynamically set URLS.

It looks like its not possible to use a VARIABLE in the document PDF URL? so only preset pdfs are usable in this viewer?

-update- This was just a newbie mistake. It is, I just didnt realise variables were scoped to the screen.

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yes just went through it. Just stopped developping my app gain.... Looks like powerapps needs a bit more work when it comes to graphic content display. Went through the same with image in sharepoint lists, then this... well have to wait.
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Fully agreed. This is a must have feature in a corporate environment. I don't understand why this is not supported in the first place.


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Well actually if you could change this control to be "Document viewer" it would be better, I mean if currently you are working on it, why not dedicating more time and develop a more robust tool.