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Properly filter SharePoint Yes/No column.

There is a well known "bug" when working with SharePoint list Yes/No column :

The Yes/No value can not be compare to boolean type true/false. 


Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = true) will not return all the items with a Yes value .


The workaround is to use 1 or 0:

Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = 1)

This will return all items with a true value, but the designer shows an error because we are comparing a boolean to a number. 


It would be great to fixe that, as a Yes/No column is indeed a boolean value, we need to be able to compare that to a boolean value in PowerApps. 



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Apologies resetting this status. Adding @GregLi and @Emma to update with accurate status. Both TopShelf ad Audrie-MSFT are not longer able to provide an update for Power Apps ideas. @GregLi & @Emma please provide inputs and/or comments. Thank you.

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I just ran into this today and then did some digging to find this was discovered and reported over a year ago...can't believe it's not fixed yet.  1/0 seems to work the best for me.  Hoping, this will be fixed soon.

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After much headbashing I finally ran across this post.

Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = 1)     is what did the trick for me.


Thanks for explaining this and saving further headache 🙂 



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Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = 1) as well as Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn <> false) are NOT delegable. This should be fixed immediately.

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I always find that resorting back to text helps get around things.  I tried in this case the following:

    Filter(SPList, Text(YesNoColumn)="true") 

and that gave me what I needed.  Of cuorse the complaint was a delegation warning.  Not an issue in my case, but to clear that, I went with:

   Filter(AddColumns(SPList, "txtYesNoColumn", Text(YesNoColumn)), txtYesNoColumn="true")

That cleared up the warning and worked just as well.
And, if the new column tricks up things then I went with this little charm:

  DropColumns(Filter(AddColumns(SPList, "txtYesNoColumn", Text(YesNoColumn)), txtYesNoColumn="true"), "txtYesNoColumn")




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Hi @RandyHayes

The AddColumn function cannot be delegated. The warning has disappeared but the problem is still there. You create a column only for the 500 first items of the list so your filter output is incomplete.



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@tchin-ninyes totally agree on the delegation part, and mentioned that was not so much an issue in our cases, but yes, it is a factor.

I have also found that filtering on the opposite will provide accurate results. 

Ex:   Filter(dataSource, YesNoColumn<>true) for when you want "no" fields

and Filter(dataSource, YesNoColumn<>false) for when you want "yes" fields.

These example return accurate results at least.

However again...delegation issue.

The only workaround I know of for that, right now, is to go to the data source and create a calculated numeric column based on the value of the Yes/No column.  Numeric columns are delegable. 

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This is a no-brainer, why isn't this fixed yet?

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This worked for me, Thank you!

I always find that resorting back to text helps get around things.  I tried in this case the following:

    Filter(SPList, Text(YesNoColumn)="true") 

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Need it to work!

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I ran into this issue today!
So weird that the filter works well in one screen and fails to work in another screen or any other newly created application.


All above-suggested workarounds do the trick! But, delegation issue persists with all workarounds.

Starting to wonder if any preview features are causing this issue!!