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Remove WrapCount Limit for the Gallery Control

Currently, a horizontal Gallery is limited to 10 row (or records per column) and similarly, a vertical Gallery is limited to 10 columns (or records per row). Why the restriction? Please remove it, or at least greatly extend it. I have need of a grid-like layout Gallery that exceeds 10x10.

Status: New
Not applicable

agreed! we definitely need to expand the limit. for example, what if i want to show all dates in a month within one line?

Super User

I agree. I wanted to display A-Z buttons on one line for large screens but had to display over 3 rows

Impactful Individual

Yes, I don't understand why there is this restriction. I want to display a gallery of staff photos in alphabetical order and without a scroll. The only way I can do this now is have the order run vertically instead of horizontally or they won't all fit on the page.

Advocate II

Totally agree, I also need it for creating monthly calendar.