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Renew the timer on Web Apps

When viewing an app in a web browser, the app will timeout after a certain duration. Then a small dialog will pop up telling you to restart the app. Previously, the app would continue to remain open, but be disconnected from datasources and you wouldn't know it. So the implementation of the dialog box is good.


I suggest a way for web browser users to renew their session without restarting the app. Suppose you are near the end of the available time to use the app, but you need to complete something on it before it restarts. You would be booted off and lose your progress. It would be useful to renew the session so that you don't lose your progress.

Status: Under Review

I have submitted this ask and will keep you updated as the enhancements are released.


Thank you for your continued feedback and patience,



Nope, while using the application on web browser. Mainly after 1-2 hours or later timer still counts on web browser one but its not saving  timer's value because session is timed out. There is also not a warning which indicates about session. I created a second timer for that and in every 1 hour i am sending a notification my users to check their app status by using flow as well. This helped a lot but on web session expires before 8 hours.


So i tried to use desktop version as well. In there session can go much more longer i guess because none of my users faced with session issue in there but in this case when they minimize the app timer stops counting.

Is there a way to adjust this or prevent this suspend by OS ?

And what about web sessions ? how can i understand that apps session will expire programmatically so i can save the record before that.


Thanks for your helps.


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On the desktop version, there is no 8 hour session, you can keep using it as long as you would like. Unfortunately we cannot control whether the user suspends PowerApps, or prevent them from doing so. While Powerapps is suspended, the timer is also suspended, but it should resume counting as soon as the app is opened again. Given that the desktop version has no 8 hour session timer, this should be okay for your scenario correct?


With regards to the web version, how long are you seeing the session go for? It should be 8 hours.

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Our users are also experiencing a session timeout after about 1-2 hours while using an app on the web browser.  

Should this not be happening?  Any ideas of how to extend this?  

Thank you.

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@Kevin1this shouldn't be happening, can you tell me what the url of the website is?

Is it or


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Sure, the website is:


I just spoke to the user today, apparently it happens when she minimizes the window occasionally, then when she tries to go back to that browser window, the app has closed. 

She's not getting any message about the session timing out.  

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@Kevin1, what do you mean that the app has closed? Is there a screenshot or something you could share?

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Sorry for late response.  I think I may have prematurely contacted Support re this issue...
User reports that when she maximizes a PowerApps browser window that she had open, the window appears with her browser homepage instead of the Powerapps page that she had minimized.  

I have not been able to reproduce the issue and I think it is more likely a user error, so I'll assume it has been resolved unless I can reproduce or it continues to occur.  

Thank you for your help & I'll contact you further if it continues to be a problem I can re-create or better understand!

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No worries! 🙂


Hi Cherie,

Some of my users are still facing with session issue without warning. And regarding your question our application is on link. Just let me know what may cause this or what we should do about it.

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I'm encountering a pretty nasty bug editing in a web browser. I'm not sure if it's related to the timer on web apps.


Error code:

WebAuthoring abnormal termination.
Client date/time: 2017-12-19T13:47:41.809Z
Version: 2.0.732 (v2.0.732.61473958)
Session ID: da822cfc-104b-380d-957a-9f013365af3a
description: {"error":{"isTrusted":true,"detail":{"exception":{}},"message":"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hideNumberTip' of null","filename":"","lineno":107,"colno":106,"error":{},"NONE":0,"CAPTURING_PHASE":1,"AT_TARGET":2,"BUBBLING_PHASE":3,"type":"error","target":"[window]","currentTarget":"[window]","eventPhase":2,"bubbles":false,"cancelable":true,"defaultPrevented":false,"composed":false,"timeStamp":1407355.4700000002,"srcElement":"[window]","returnValue":true,"cancelBubble":false,"path":["[window]"],"composedPath":"[function]","stopPropagation":"[function]","stopImmediatePropagation":"[function]","preventDefault":"[function]","initEvent":"[function]"},"errorLine":107,"errorCharacter":106,"errorUrl":"","errorMessage":"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hideNumberTip' of null","setPromise":"[function]","exception":{}}
stack: null
errorNumber: 0
errorMessage: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hideNumberTip' of null


I can't replicate the exact steps leading up to it, but it always ends the same way:


  1. Preview app by pressing the play button.
  2. Press Esc to exit preview.
  3. Error dialog pops up.

I'm lucky that I save often, but it is frustrating to lose even a few steps of work.


Anyone else experiencing this?



UPDATE: I ran more tests. It looks like I can exit previewing of the app with the X button. On some screens, that's when pressing Esc terminates the session.