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Renew the timer on Web Apps

When viewing an app in a web browser, the app will timeout after a certain duration. Then a small dialog will pop up telling you to restart the app. Previously, the app would continue to remain open, but be disconnected from datasources and you wouldn't know it. So the implementation of the dialog box is good.


I suggest a way for web browser users to renew their session without restarting the app. Suppose you are near the end of the available time to use the app, but you need to complete something on it before it restarts. You would be booted off and lose your progress. It would be useful to renew the session so that you don't lose your progress.

Status: Under Review

I have submitted this ask and will keep you updated as the enhancements are released.


Thank you for your continued feedback and patience,


Power Apps

Hi @mr-dang,


Thanks for reporting this. This error is caused by the slider when the Escape key is pressed in Preview mode. It only happens intermittently.


We are fixing this problem.

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I'm having a serious issue with my editing session timing out!


Editing timeouts versus usage timeouts appear to be related somehow as well, but getting some attention on this idea would be great because these timeouts are resulting in data loss...

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This is still going on. Has this request been forgotten?

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I've had users complaining to me about losing their unsaved data, from the same issue. Any progress?

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We are using the web version of PowerApps as a guest welcome login portal.

So the timeout is very inconvientent as sometimes there's a period between visits and the session times out.
Please take this issue in consideration.

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@tahoon  Can I put the timer on the data connection to refresh before 8 hours time, so it can keep connected for further 8 hours etc?

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I have an app that is intended to be used throughout the day with users being able to submit all of their changes at the end of the day. Unfortunately, a standard day for most users is 8.5 hours which means that the web session always times out before the data can be saved. Refreshing the app to restart the session then loses all the data. This is not an idle app, it is being used constantly throughout the day so the 8 hour timeout seems unnecessary. Using on a mobile device is not so much of an issue as we have access to local storage to effectively cache things if the app was to close but this is not an option in the web. Please make the timeout extendable.

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Until this is resolved ... oO ... you might be able to use a collection to pile up the changes until they are saved to your source document.

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I am currently storing the pending changes in a collection within the app with the intention being that the user can log them all to CDS at the end of the day. However, when the session timeout occurs it forces a refresh of the web page which then resets all the collections.

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Until this is resolved, I would save data, on input, to a Sharepoint list... Not great but it should work.