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STOP selecting every field when genereating forms from data sources.

No joke, I have spent half an hour waiting for a form to load, then removing useless fields, after connecting to a Sharepoint list.

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Some suggestions

Best (IMNSHO) -- Select fields to be added."

Good -- "Do you want to add all fields?" dialog

Not so good but better than what we have -- Just don't add any fields.


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Adding random people here to get their attention. Supported the idea but just really want to see how they respond to this.


@CWesener -- You seem most active. Please tag staff you might know are involved in developing the PA Editing UI.

@LanceDelano -- Not done with you. Anything in the timeline regarding improvements to the Editing UI?

@Audrie-MSFT -- Does the voting system you guys have here even work? 

@AndyPennell@linhtran@CarlosFigueira -- No personal message for you. Please respond to this very much reasonable idea/feedback/request.


@mackenzie_lyng -- Is it intentional that it's harder to tag staff than regular users? 

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I don't know if this is going to be any help to you now or how you were generating your forms.

(and I appreciate this is an old thread)


But if I am working on a canvas app I found this to be an issue if I selected the datasource of the form on the properties tab of the control.


I also found that if you dropped in a blank form and specifically went to the trouble of typing the datasource in on the advanced tab of the form control it didn't add any fields. (allowing me to then add only what I need)


This has become my go to method of making forms now.