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Save in the background

Saving app can take quite some times, especially when hosted in the cloud.
Please try to make it faster or do it in the background.

Romain B shared this idea  · 
Status: Started
Solution Sage

I support this idea. As of OneDrive, it is always being saved Immediately, unlike DropBox and GoogleDrive which save in the background and speed up current file editing / in / out. The same shall apply to PowerApps.

Power Automate

I agree and would like to add please make save more reliable. As it is I often see dialogs about recent changes not being saved even though I used the file save command.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Power Apps
Status changed to: Started
Kudo Collector

I have begun over the past week to notice this misbehaviour as well.  I have an application with about 5 screens. 


I generally use the Google Chrome browser (currently version 72.0.3626.109) to host Powerapps studio.


I have observed stalling behaviour even when editing my apps in the Power Studio application.

Although Power Apps represents for me a significant advance on InfoPath, the poor response is frustrating and a cause of worry, as I am not unconvinced that I may easily loose critical work.  I am now going to take a break from the screen for ~30 minutes, without doing anything to PowerApps.


The local time here is 12:34, and the modified time is currently 18 min ago


13:12.  The Save page shows Saving your app... and the last saved is recorded as 15/02/2018, 12:16:04.

On my Microsoft Power Apps page, the Last saved date of my application is now 58 min ago

This is extremely disappointing as a development platform; the behaviour is quite unacceptable and in my view would limits PowerApps' usefulness to small applications for a team of perhaps half a dozen.