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Scroll bar width customization

Currently scroll bars will be displayed automatically in a datatable based on the rows and column added.

It would be better to have a control over the scroll bar width in both data table and form to increase/decrease it manually.

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

This would be particularly useful for small devices such as mobile phones as on some cells this can be very difficult for some users.

Advocate III

Would be great if you could customize it as to the colors of the arrows, the background, the 'radius' in the corners of the scroll bar itself, this way you could make it more modern. 

Regular Visitor

I wonder if they ever made any progress - still a strong design limitation

New Member

In my app ,

scroll bar of power app new form increase automatically when web browser zoom out.

Regular Visitor

This will be a great feature for child galleries or galleries with limited display space.