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Searchable Drop-Down control

It'd be great to have a filterable/searchable dropdown. This tend to become necessairy when your dropdown list gets longer than 10-20 items.



A similar behaviour can be done with a seperate search box... but from a UI standpoint, this isn't as elegant as it tends to take a lot of screen real-estate.


A first step would be to let the dropdown read the keystrokes so it position itself to the proper item.

Status: Completed
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Okay mate, 

I'll look it up.




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Contains search is really good to have than starts with

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Hi there, I made a cascading dropdown in power app using share point list and it is working fine. But I need to implement a search property also in cascading dropdown. Would you please help me. I choose 'allowed values' as control type. Still there is non option for search