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Set key-value and display-value to dropdown control items.

In the case of an existing database where foreignkeys are used. It is required to be able to set the display-value the items of a dropdown-box so the ID is used to set the value of a field but the Description is used to display a user-friendly display-name.



Person-table {PersonID, PersonName, GenderID}

Gender-table {GenderID, GenderLabel}


The items property of the dropdown for Person.GenderID will be [Gender]

the value-property for Items will be GenderID, but I need a Display-value property to set the GenderLabel so the user does not see the Identifier, but he sees the GenderLabel

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I have quite similar issue on hand. My Custom API returns key value pairs (Label and Value) and I would like to show the Label and sen the Value selected to Azure Service Bus queue. In studio it seems it can be done, but in reality it sends the Label as value.


When I create the table of those key value pairs in PowerApps, I am able to show the Lable and send the Value...


Is there a way to solve this?


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I am trying to create an app on an "on prem" database using OnPremise-gateway. 


Goal is to have a small management app for managing the data in three tables of a larger system database.

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 I am having the same problem.  Has anyone found a solutuon?

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I am interested in having a drop down control in PowerApps that has different display|value as well.

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Yes this would welcomed. It is quite standard to have an ID as a Value and a Description as a Label in most applications.

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I was surprised they did this as most other MS applications have both "Value" and "Display Text" field selections. There are workarounds by setting the update property to SelectedItem.Value, where "Value" is the field you actually want to update. This works, but it creates trouble when you go to edit rather than post a new value. In edit more, the only way to set the value (at least that I've found) is to look up the text form. But this could create wrong entries and is pretty goofy anyway.


There should definitely be separate "Display Text" and "Values" fields in the standard drop down control.

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 This is absolutely a must. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement either. Make a lot of sense for Microsoft technology users as we take it for granted in many situations such as SSRS report building. 

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More generically, if the drop/combo box source is a collection of records with many attributes, we should be able to specify which attributeto show in the list (currently, powerApps is guessing the "best" attribute to show, but it is not always the correct one). 


As a work around, we must create a new collection containing only the "descriptor" values from the base collection, then lookup the base collection using the selected descriptor value to find the corresponding record, where the control could do it for us (actual behavior we can't used because the control does not select the cappropriate "descriptor").


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We are using an existing table structure and DEFINITELY need this!

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Creating my first PowerApp and am frustrated that this isn't currently possible... guess I need to denormalize my data model Smiley Frustrated