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Sharepoint Choice Field is not supported with GroupBy functionality

GroupBy function is working normally with text fields with below formula

GroupBy('Purchase Orders',"Category", "Group")

Now I have changed Category field to Choice field and trying with same formula and it is giving error as Expected text, numeric, boolean or datetime values. 

Choice fields and lookup fields are frequently used field types. We require definitely groupby with these fields. Is it possible to release this update in powerapps in future releases?


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Same here !

In SP List, the selected store is stored as text, so why not having the groupby or the SortByColumns working ?

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An update on this?

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Workaround: Use AddColumns to introduce a new field based on the Complex field then group by the new field.

e.g. if my choice field is Category 


Groupby(AddColumns(DataSourceName, "NewFieldName",Category.Value),"NewFieldName","GroupName")