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Using CDS Alternate Keys in Flow

1. Common Data Service Connector is not leveraging CDS capabilities for alternate keys.  Apart from GUID, Get Record action should accept alternate keys as well. It's a very convenient and clean way of pulling a record from CDS.


2. The key can be used to update the record as well.  

Status: New
Advocate II

Would save a lot of API calls! 

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True. Thanks @crmkeeper  


Advocate IV

Yes please make something like this possible !!!



Advocate II

In addition that should also work for filling in lookup fields.

Usually you would fill a lookup like "accounts(fa55cd2a-341e-4e46-8cf6-30a0faf37f7e)"


But also this should work for: "accounts(accountnumber='12345')"

Advocate IV

Hi @SimonNie,

for lookup fields it is already possible to use an alternate key. So if you create e.g. an opportunity and want to set the lookup to account, you can use "accounts(accountnumber='12345')" as long as accountnumber is declared as an alternative key.

There might be some extra challenge on lookup fields of type 'customer'. These fields can be a lookup to account or contact. 

(From top of head) the syntax would be "customers_account(accountnumber=1234)"