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Word / Office documents viewer control in PowerApps

Similar as this:

but for Word and other Office document, and with support for files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Status: Planned

Adding @FilipK and @shekz

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It is very important

A Viewer integrated in the App to Microsoft documents

Tha parameter ( link / source ) must be dynamic (suport a field of a sharepoint list)






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Great idea, my up-vote!

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Yes - this would give you the ability to create a brilliant app that basically could give you a skinned onedrive/SharePoint library view.

Taking it one step further the ability to cache some of those files would make it really useful for field workers or operational users who need quick access to documents with offline resilience.
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I agree this may open an area of development to PowerApps not previously considered. This may be particularly useful in situations where there is a very small number of document creators but a large number of consumers and with a mixed lot of document types (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc).



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SharePoint Images Powered Up In PowerApps


Any image stored in SPO, rendered within a PowerApps app in any resolution as you so desire.

This same solution also enables you to view Word or PowerPoint documents stored in SPO transformed on the fly into PDF documents within PowerApps.

Unfortunately I have not been able (as yet at least) to render PDF documents stored in SPO within PowerApps...


[Edit: Paul Culmsee has since posted a great blog wrt viewing Word / Office documents:

 Some seriously powerful (and free) PDF functionality in PowerApps and Flow ]



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Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

Adding @FilipK and @shekz

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Thanks @rc for the tag.

Dear all, we're diligently evaluating some solutions for viewing documents stored in SPO / OneDrive through PowerApps. We'll keep you posted with updates and timelines.

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In addition to the above which is needed it would be greatly appreciated if you added a print functionality also.  Essentially you should be able to view, edit, and print documents all from inside PowerApps without having to use Flow or a bunch of work arounds.

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Any update on this?


with the fact you can’t do offline sync with the SharePoint app for iOS, only in onedrive. And fact the layout isn’t particularly great in either of those apps. An ability to have a viewer in PowerApps and make use of all the other great layout, menu tools, it would make PowerApps an ultimate doc reader for field and operational staff.


if there was some way of on a tablet it linking to onedrive offline files(or SharePoint when they fix that) so that it meant that it would always read the current or last synced version, then you would have such a powerful tool

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Can we get an update on the status of this. Microsoft not supporting it's own document formats for view is a HUGE gap in PowerApps abilities. This is desperately needed by my company. 

@Rfla wrote:

Similar as this:

but for Word and other Office document, and with support for files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.