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Allow the custom API Swagger to be updated

PowerApps is quite nice and very useful. But we (and I imagine others) have needs to use custom APIs to pull in functinality from several sources within our organization. Currently there is no option to update a custom API Swagger....the only way is to delete it and start over. This does not work for us as we probbaly will have the custom API in several Apps and Flows. Deleting the cutom API requires that we go around and re-do all the connections in all the apps and the flows that we used it!!! A little frustrating to say the least. 


Please provide a way to update the Swagger definotion for an existing connection.



Khaled Hikmat


Status: New

@archanan for status update.

Advocate III

I do agree with you. 1+ for this.

Power Automate
Status changed to: New

@archanan for status update.

Advocate I

I wish I could vote more than once for this.  When developing a solution and you use the connector in multiple flows, as you update the connector you have to update everything multiple times.