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Collaboration controls SharePoint Files and Document Management

Here are some thoughts after testing the new SharePoint Files PCF Control.  Dynamics and Model apps really needs first-class integration with SharePoint document management  and the current state of the legacy document management framework within Dataverse and the new Collaboration control SharePoint files leaves a lot to be desired.  This post is not intended to be negative however constructive by generating some focus and activity around this topic.


Currently limited functionality would limit most use cases in my opinion however I do hope some of if not all these items could be added.

  • Performance and rendering - Screen often does not fully load or load's very slowly.  At times it can take up to 10 or more seconds simply to display the library grid and files.
  • Missing ability to create new files, Please surface custom content types!
  • Missing ability to create folders
  • Missing file delete function
  • Can't change views
  • Can't resize columns
  • Archive is an interesting idea however would like the ability to specify where the file is being archived.  Example a separate library dedicated to Archiving.  Without the ability to configure its location than would prefer an option to hide as it would not be part of many companies existing processes. 
  • Request open in SharePoint button to take user to full library when needed.
  • Drag and drop is great however it only uploads the first selected document rather than multiple.
  • Currently, it seems like this is configured to a single library and could not scale across larger processes or applications like Dynamics Project Operations, Field Service etc. that are often using the existing document management framework and have requirements to use different libraries based upon process life cycle.  When testing the SharePoint Files PCF control we had to configure it for a single library.  Are there any plans to enable this to dynamically change libraries and or sites similar to how the legacy document management framework does using the document locations entity?  I did test this PCF control against our document locations entity when setting it up and it did not change it's functionality and still was configured for the GUID of the library that it was configured with.  Without the ability for the PCF Control to change libraries or even sites this can't be a serious contender to build full document management around.


  • Dataverse already has an pre-existing document management framework that also has it's limitations.  The grid available in this framework has an outdated feel to it and I am excited to see Microsoft investing in the new SharePoint files PCF control.  That said, it's not clear to me where this new PCF control fit's in comparison with the legacy document management feature/framework.  I am hoping the goal is for Microsoft to invest in its development to bring it to the level of where Teams SharePoint integration is for example.  Bringing this level of integration between Model Apps/Dynamics Apps and SharePoint would really be a game-changer and create added value for customers who are investing in PowerApps and SharePoint.  The legacy document management framework has not had any updates in years so I am hoping this PCF control is going to get active development with the intention that it's the future of document management within Model Apps.  I would like to see one of these 2 options be brought to the parity level that Teams/SharePoint library integration is with the capacity to dynamically use different SharePoint sites and libraries based upon the record.
Status: New