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Adding maps to PowerApps would be ideal. For a field service application you could show the current location and the destination on a map inside the app. Turn by turn directions would also be a future item to build in. Being able to plot multiple points on the map would be a great feature, then you could show an employee all of the places they need to go today and they could see them on the map.

Status: Under Review
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I think this would be a great feature

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An interactive map control would be really useful. Where we have geographical data, it is much more meaningful to display search results on a map and to allow the user to browse the data by moving around the map.

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Status changed to: Under Review
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I am marking this under review, but wanted to point out that this partially falls within the scope of enabling Power BI tiles in PowerApps (map tiles would come from Power BI visualizations). So what is 'under review' would be any business scenarios where you might want to have a map control in PowerApps directly. Please add additional details on these business scenarios whenever possible so that we understand the business objectives.


Thank you for your patience in this regard. We will keep you posted.



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For me the type of interactive maps proposed would be beneficial.  

For example:  If we are dumping service requests out to field staff they could use their smart phone to not only view the Service Request information but view where it is on a map (and if needed, could have directions from the current location). Or see their various requests assigned to them for the day on a single map.

Right now, I can return a static map based of the address in the request but the end users need to be able to zoom in and out, fetch directions, view aerial photos or street views.


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It should also be able to use the geolocation field in SharePoint

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Hi Audrie,

What is the status of integrating georeferrenced and dynamic maps into PowerApps?

 For a more detailed request:

 For my company I would like to desgin a surveying app. We have dispersed plots that are surveyed periodically over many years. I would like to use the companies georeferenced map, inculde plots as markers on the map. Once a marker is selected, a form for data collection opens for that specific plot.


Further, I'd liek that map to be available offline. So that e.g. an image box will load the map using e.g. loaddata from an on device stored map (as can already be achieved with other files).


Any updates to what is possible now and/or what might be in future are greatly appreciated! Thank you!



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Please review the following link:


Audrie makes this very simple and easy to follow her instructions.



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Thank you Suep


Here's a direct link to the video about the map:

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A control for maps would be very beneficial, otherwise the only benefit to using the location function is to feed it into an xml database to plot the data onto a map to display the information.