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Allow attachments to be included when creating Azure DevOps work items/bugs/issues

The Azure DevOps connector allows new work items/bugs/issues to be created.


However, I need to be able to include attachments as part of the work item/bug/issue.


A common scenario is wanting to create a new work item whenever a new message (that includes an attachment) is posted to a specific Microsoft Teams channel.

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I was able to get around this limitation in the flow by saving the attachments to a SharePoint document library first (within the apply/each loop), and then modifying the work item description with links to those attachments (outside the loop). They aren't true attachments in the work item, but they are at least documented and accessable. Cheers!





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@paddlesnap do you have the full tutorial of this method?

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@paddlesnapIt would be great if you could write a short tutorial about how to do this. Having screen captures along with the bug description adds so much value, that I would defenitely like to try to solve right now with a workaround.


So - big hand to you if you have a chanse to write a small tutorial. If not, thanks for sharing that there's a way to make this work already today.

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For anyone willing to try another solution, you could implement an Azure Function that using the DevOps API will upload the images and then attach them to the specified DevOps Work Item.


See the solution @hammer came up with in this thread (


I was able to implement this solution without too much trouble.