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Create events in another persons calendar

I've read a couple posts that indicate I cannot create a flow that will create an event in another user's calendar. This is one example of how I would use that feature:


  • Recurrence (every 1 min) --> get rows from sql
    • filtered based on column (column=0)
    • one of the columns is an email address of a user within the O365 tenant
    • all information for the calendar event is included in the row(s) returned
  • Perform task on each row returned
    • Send calendar event email to the recipient email address
    • Update filter column in sql based on unique id of row (column=1)
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Regular Visitor

Yes please, this is exactly what I need to automate reminders across my tenant from a SQL database

New Member

This would be great, but for me would be enough to create an event on the default calendar of the Flow "executor".

Advocate II

Also Shared Mailbox Calendars too Please!

Regular Visitor

I’ve a desk booking power app that writes to a list , currently I send an email to end user with details of booking but would like to create calendar reminder and send to them as an appointment in outlook.