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Creatte a flow in power automate for daywise feedback submiston using same Microsoft form link. Only four facultys sesstion feedback should submisstion per day

I want to create a faculty feedback form using Microsoft form. After selecting the form in power automate flow it should show checkboxes to select questions from the Microsoft form. After that select date.  If I assign four questions for a particular date only selected four questions should be visible to the participants. for example, I have created Microsoft Form with 12 questions. First-day only first four questions should be visible to the participants(1 to4 questions). The next day next four questions (5 to 8 questions) should visible. likewise, it should visible four questions each day.  After every four questions, one submit button should be there. After submitting the first four questions should be disabled.  In this scenario, the Microsoft form link should be the same and data should be stored in a single excel file only.

Status: New