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Flow Trigger when Pull request receives interaction with a comment.

Pull request Objective: When collaborating on code and trying to push changes from a pull request... the goal is to push changes as soon as possible.


Problem: Since we need to push changes asap, we need to make sure that we apply and resolve comments asap as well to continue approval for a PR. But the issue is that it may be hard to track when someone has commented on the PR. Although you can receive a notification through email about someone commenting on a pull request, email is not the only way you want to get attention. Even the reviewer might not always reach out to tell you they commented on the PR because that is an extra step for them that requires more context switching. Everyone in a team needs to get notified about updates on an important pull request.


Solution: With Flow trigger in place for when someone comments or interacts with a comment, it can then be used to create notifications on the right platform and even do further logging or steps necessary when interaction on a pull request takes place. 

Status: New