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Get File Properties Lost, Impacted by using Send HTTP Request to SharePoint?

I use a Get File Properties, followed by a Send HTTP Request to SharePoint. I do this in order to obtain all the file properties, including the moderation status (not supported by get file properties).


Unfortunately, this seems to be causing some important file properties to no longer be accessible in my subsequent flow steps.


Having to place the ones I care about into separate variables as a workaround is really lame.


Here are the file properties, and the ones with an 'x' in front are the only ones available after the send http request to sharepoint for that same filename id. the ones in bold are "lost".


checked out
checked out to

x checked out to claims
x checked out to department
x checked out to display name

checked out to email

x checked out to jobtitle

checked out to picture

x comments associated with the content approval
x compliance asset id
x content approval status

created by

x created by claims
x created by department
x created by display name

created by email

x created by job title

created by picture

x file name with extension
x folder path


x identifier


x item is a record
x link to item

modified by

x modified by claims
x modified by department
x modified by displayname

modified by email

x modified by jobtitle

modified by picture

x name

shared with

x shared with claims
x shared with department
x shared with details
x shared iwth displayname

shared with email
shared with item

x shared with jobtitle

shared with picture

x thumbnail large
x thumbnail medium
x thumbnail small
x title
x verison number


Is my analysis correct, that this is a problem with using these two actions with the same filename id, or is something else going on?

Status: New